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1. Point of Care UltraSound in Acute Medicine – FAMUS

Sunday 27 September 2020

0830-1730 | Radisson Blu | Megalithic 3 Room

Maximum 25 places


Agenda to follow


Ultrasound is becoming an increasingly utilised first line investigation especially at the acute care settings i.e. emergency department and acute medical units. Certain basic cardiac ultrasound skills are proven important in resuscitation settings (FEEL UK); Thoracic ultrasound is increasingly used for the diagnosis of pleural effusion and safe drainage, it is also used to diagnose consolidation and pneumo-thoraces. The NICE guidance advises ultrasound guided insertion of central lines and pleural fluid drainage for safety of the patients. Obtainment of basic knowledge and practical ultrasound skills are clearly defined learning outcomes in the acute medicine curriculum. This is an accredited FAMUS practical course for the purposes of FAMUS accreditation.

Content of this course

This full day course aims to provide the participants an introduction to the basic science and technology of ultrasound and with specific reference to utilisation of ultrasound skills in the front door settings whilst having the opportunity to practice ultrasound scanning on models. 

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course the participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of the science and technology of B-mode imaging
  • Develop skills in Ultrasound guided vascular access
  • Develop skills towards basic understanding on regional ultrasound including lung, abdominal, cardiac and vascular with a focus on point of care understand the remit of point of care testing and when to call for help.
  • Develop an understanding of thoracic ultrasound and practice skills towards accreditation in their respective units with a mentor
  • Appreciate common pitfalls and artefacts during basic ultrasound

“Excellent course and I would recommend to my friends”

“Busy day, big learning curve"
“Calm and friendly faculty”
“I wish I had attended this course much earlier in my training”
“This course is a must for acute medical trainees, I would strongly recommend this”
“Excellent tutors and lots of Hands on”
“ Looking forward to using this in my work place..."

2. SCE Revision Course

Sunday 27 September 2020

0815-1715 | Radisson Blu | Finnieston Room

Maximum 40 places

Free to attend

Agenda to follow

Are you taking the Acute Internal Medicine (AIM) Specialty Certificate Exam (SCE) this year? Do you want to know how to pass?

This Course has been developed specifically for Specialist Trainees in AIM preparing to take their SCE. The Course is not designed to cover the entire curriculum, but will explore the clinical areas, identified as requiring more focus by previous SCE examinations, and will be led by consultants who are recognised experts in their fields.  

The Society for Acute Medicine SCE revision course is the only acute internal medicine specialty certificate exam revision course where questions will be provided by experienced question writers and exam board members. We will explain the rationale behind how the questions are written as well as explain how to work through the questions to come to the correct answer.

3. AIM Internal Medicine Finishing School

Sunday 27 September 2020

1000-1700 | Radisson Blu | 13th Note & Scotia Suite

Maximum 15 places - this course is open to all Trainees but priority will be given to acute medicine trainees at ST5 or above.

Free to attend

Agenda to follow

Are you approaching the end of your training? Do you feel unprepared for consultant life?

If so, this is the right course for you!

During the course:

  • You will be exposed to some of the essential leadership & management skills required for your consultant role
  • You will be assisted to compose your best possible CV for your job application
  • There will be simulated consultant interviews on the day to help you prepare for the real thing. You will be given feedback and a list of questions to take home and practice
  • You will be taught how to analyse a job plan in order to ensure you are applying for the correct job
  • We will go through some governance skills required in your consultant role

Previous delegates have found our course extremely useful in preparing for their consultant interviews.

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